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Palomino Pause

Pause by Palomino redefines the off-road trailer experience with its remarkable lineup, including the XC21.4, XC16.4, XC20.2, and the XC20.3. Pause Trailers are a symphony of state-of-the-art components, at the heart of its technological prowess is the Garmin RV controls, offering seamless and intuitive management of your trailer's systems right at your fingertips. The Victron System offers reliable and efficient energy management, ensuring your travels are powered smoothly and sustainably. The Morryde frame and suspension is robustly designed to effortlessly tackle challenging terrains while providing a smooth ride improving tow experience. Powering your adventures are the Battle Born lithium batteries, known for their long-lasting performance and dependability, ensuring you have the energy you need, whenever and wherever you roam. These trailers blend luxury, functionality, and technological innovation to deliver unparalleled camping adventures.
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XC 16.4

Discover the perfect blend of convenience and compact design in the Pause XC16.4 travel trailer. This model cleverly maximizes space without sacrificing comfort. The interior features a front dinette that serves as a cozy dining area during meals and effortlessly transforms into an additional sleeping space for guests at night. Whether you prefer cooking indoors or out, this coach offers versatile culinary options to suit your preference. Retreat to the tranquility of the full-size queen bed located at the rear of the trailer, where the rear wall opens up to the great outdoors. This unique feature allows you to enjoy the comfort of indoor sleeping while still feeling connected to nature. The Pause XC16.4 is an ideal choice for those seeking all the essential amenities in a smaller, more manageable footprint, ensuring every road trip is filled with comfort and convenience.

  • Compact Size That Sleeps 4
  • Movable Dinette
  • Rear Wall Opening
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Dive deeper into the world of the Pause 16.4 trailer with a free informative brochure, with an overhead view of the floor plan and a link to a 3D Virtual Tour! Designed to give you a better sense of the space and features of these amazing trailers. Get your free brochure and 3D Tour today and embark on a journey of discovery.